SKU: FC-VINO-18-Black

FANCO's 2022 Launch Model VINO Corner fan. Available in both ceiling & wall mounting options for your small space area usage. 

Every Fanco corner fan purchased from our store comes with:

✅ SG Safety Mark Certified

✅ Warranty(Motor): 10years

✅ Warranty(Parts): 4years

✅ Servicing : 4years on-site

✅ Remote Control(5Speeds) Included

✅ Dual Hanging System (Both ceiling & wall brackets included)

✅ Last Speed Memory


1️⃣ Fanco VINO Corner Fan without ✖️install

🔸 VINO 18" Ceiling / Wall : $259

▪️ Colour : Black / Black Dark Wood (Black Transparent / Sliver discontinued as of May2024)

▪️ Blade Material: ABS

▪️ Drop Height(Ceiling Mount) : 62.5cm*

▪️ Drop Height(Wall Mount) : 65.4cm* x Depth 30.5cm

▪️ Oscillation: 90-degree

▪️ Power: 33W


💬 Chat to enquire on Installation fees.

🛠 We provide in-house installation service which guarantees FIRM & SAFE as our top priority.

📍Basic install = install fan on concrete ceiling below 3m with existing electrical point(NOT Power socket) provided in position without shifting. Replacement of existing fan or light without any shifting of point required also consider basic install including free removal. ⚠️ Corner fan does not come with any 3pin plug cable.