We provide professional installation service for ceiling fans. Either purchased from our store or elsewhere, you may engage us to provide the service for you. FIRM & SAFE is our first priority!

1) Basic Install
📍Basic install = install fan on concrete ceiling below 3m with existing electrical point provided in position without shifting. Replacement of existing fan or light without any shifting of point required also consider basic install. 

2) False Ceiling Install (with original concrete ceiling below 3.4m) 
📍Include Basic install + reinforcement works + patching works on ceiling. Exclude painting*. 
- For original concrete to false ceiling height 30cm & below, steel rod reinforcement method is used.
- For original concrete to false ceiling height above 30cm, wooden plank reinforcement method is used.

Note: WhatsApp us at 88669450 any photo references or inform of any details such as wire point extension or no wire point available for further quote.

*We strictly do not provided painting services and you are advisable to engage own painter service or self DIY paint after patching works has been left dried for at least 1day.