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SKU: Meanwell Driver 12V/35W

Premium quality MEANWELL Power Supply Driver for 12V LED Strips. 
Available in various power outputs with 2years warranty

1) 12V/35Watts 
Size: W85 x L100mm

2) 12V/50Watts 
Size: W89 x L105mm

3) 12V/75Watts 
Size: W100 x L100mm

4) 12V/100Watts 
Size: W100 x L134mm

5) 12V/150Watts 
Size: W100 x L165mm

6) 12V/200Watts 
Size: W120 x L240mm

How to calculate the power output required for your strip lights?
a) Determine your strip light wattage per meter, eg. 5050model is 14.4W/meter
b) Determine the total length of your strip. Eg. 4meters
c) (Wattage/meter) x (Total Length) x 1.2 = 14.4W x 4m x 1.2 = 69.12W
d) Choose the closest round up power supply driver available. For 69.12W, we will choose a 75W Meanwell Driver for you 5050Strip light with a total length of 4m.
Note: We would suggest for maximum 5m length pair with 1 driver for maximum light brightness output across the whole light strip length. Should you have more than 5m length, divide your strip length to 2 or more drivers for a better brightness consistency.

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