SKU: PO-Gale23-GR-38

Gale 23 remote controlled ceiling fan is powered by DC Permanent Magnet Motor with Japan NSK Bearings. The magnet and bearings are two main components in enhancing the motor's efficiency and lifespan. Comes with up to 6 speed control and optional OSRAM light kit. Fan Motor and ABS blades colours are customisable to suit your home furnishing theme.

NSK Bearings(originated from Japan)

  • Highly lubricated technologies - improves performance of high speed rotary motion & quietness
  • Advanced material technologies - improves durability & reliability
  • Electric corrosion protection - Prevents motor damage


  • Energy Saving (Using 80% less electricity)
  • Strong and powerful (Bring down temperature rapidly)
  • Silent operation (No noise generated)
  • Poly-Carbonate Blade
  • Reverse Air flow (Circulates the surrounding air by reversing the direction of the air flow)
  • Auto Circulating mode (Automatically allows circulation of air every two hours to allow constant air circulation)
  • Natural Wind (Mimics the quality of natural wind)
  • Safety (Ceiling fan automatically stops when it hits something while in operation)
  • Remote Control (6 Speed)
  • Dimming Control (For light, Tri-colours)
  • Last Memory Function 
  • Sleeping mode (Mimics the quality of natural wind)
  • Anti-static coating (To lower amount of dust bust build up)
Gale 23-56" Gale 23-46" Gale 23-38"
240Volts 240Volts 240Volts
5-38Watts 5-38Watts 5-38Watts
195RPM @ Speed6 (38W) 258 RPM @ Speed6 (38W) 311 RPM @ Speed6 (24.5W)
164RPM @ Speed5 (22W) 213 RPM @ Speed5 (22W) 281 RPM @ Speed5 (18.5W)
145RPM @ Speed4 (15.4W) 188 RPM @ Speed4 (15.4W) 252 RPM @ Speed4 (14W)
122RPM @ Speed3 (10W) 158 RPM @ Speed3 (10W) 223 RPM @ Speed3 (10W)
103RPM @ Speed2 (7W) 134 RPM @ Speed2 (7W) 195 RPM @ Speed2 (6.5W)
87RPM @ Speed1 (5.3W) 113RPM @ Speed 1 (5.3W) 162 RPM @ Speed1 (5W)
W1422xH300mm W1168xH300mm W965xH300mm
4.5Kg 4.0Kg 3.5Kg

Motor Colours:
1) Grey(GR)
2) Aluminium(AL)
3) Bronze(BNZ)
4) White(WH) 

ABS Blades Colours Available:
1) Grey(GR)
2) Grey Wood(GW)
3) White(WH)
4) White Wood(WW)

Optional Add-ons:
1) Light Kit: LED OSRAM/20W, Tri-Colours(Dimmable), 2000lumens
2) Rod Hugger: Black or White Hugger 5 & Exclusive Hugger 7
3) Fan Base Colour Base(For non-light unit): Grey/Aluminium/Bronze/White

Warranty: 10 Years Motor&Blades + 2 Years Parts + First year On-site Servicing (Terms & conditions applied)

(Photo colours are for illustration purpose only and may differ from actual product colour)