💁‍♀️ FANCO's 2022 Launch Model DONO Corner fan. Available in both ceiling & wall mounting options for your small space area usage. 

Every Fanco corner fan purchased from our store comes with:

✅ SG Safety Mark Certified

✅ Warranty(Motor): Lifetime

✅ Warranty(Parts): 4years

✅ Servicing : 4years on-site

✅ 5Speeds Remote Control Included

✅ Wood / ABS Blade Material

✅ Dual Hanging System (Both brackets included)


1️⃣ Fanco DONO Corner Fan without ✖️install

🔸 DONO 16" Ceiling / Wall : $199

▪️ Colour : White or White Light Wood / Black or Black Dark Wood

▪️ Reversible Blade colours: White or Light Wood / Black or Dark Wood

▪️ Blade Material: ABS(new batch)º

▪️ Drop Height(Ceiling Mount) : 60cm

▪️ Drop Height(Wall Mount) : 62.9cm x Depth 32cm

▪️ Oscillation: 90-degree

▪️ Power: 33W


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💬 Chat to enquire on Installation fees.

🛠 We provide in-house installation service which guarantees FIRM & SAFE as our top priority.

⚠️ Corner fan does not come with any 3pin plug cable.

❗️Subject to batch to batch production, supplier will have no prior notice over change in specs❗️

º New batch of DONO have different blade design which will differ from studio photo sample. You may chat with us to get photo of the new look.