LG LED chips + Safety Mark Driver 
Easy Maintenance model which offers owners or tenants to replace drivers easily by removing the light without removing the support casing. This will reduce the chances of damaging the false ceiling board cracks. Comes with safety line for round models.

Brightness: 9W / 13W / 18W 
Finishing Colour: white 

Square 9w - W120mm x L120mm 
Square 13w - W145mm x L145mm 
Round 13w - ø148mm 
Round 18w - ø180mm 

Cut Hole Size: 
9w - W108mm x L108mm 
13w - W133mm x L133mm 
13w - ø135mm 
18w - ø163mm 

Color Temperature: 
1) 3000K Warm White 
2) 4000K Cool White 
3) 6000K Daylight 

 Warranty: 2 YEARS 
Installation: First light @ $40.00
Subsequent light @ $10.00/piece
(Ceiling height below 3.2m)

~Residential lights & fans installation or Replacement services
~On-site consultation on types of light to get for your living spaces
~Supply of various LED lighting fixtures
~Choose LED to save your electricity bills👍