SKU: CSL105 Skylite PC 55" -AB+R/C+LED255

One of the best-sellers! Skylite displays its excellence in terms of both wind delivery and aesthetics. It features a built-in light, LCD remote control and a modern cylindrical shape housing. This model also boasts the durable Alumi MotorTM and 3D Double Angle Acrylic Blades for better breeze distribution and it comes in three sizes.

CSL106 Skylite (55”) Polycarbonate 

Motor : Crestar Super 188 Alumi MotorTM 
Housing : Metal Alloy 
Speed : Remote Control 4 Speed
Blade : 3D Double Angle Polycarbonate Blade 
RPM : 85-210 
Controls : Remote Control  
Power : 3.0 meters per second 
Light : 25W Tri-Color LED Panel
Colors : AB / SO / BI / WH

AB = Antique Bronze
SO = Matt Sliver
BI = Matt Black
WH = White