Looking for professional or experienced ceiling fan installer? Look no further as we offer ceiling fan installation service for all customers. Whether you have purchased your fans from other vendor(s) or from us, we will install your fans for you at a reasonable price. FIRM & SAFE is our first priority!

Charges are as listed below according to conditions:
With existing electrical point ready-
a) Concrete ceiling below 3m @ $50/fan
b) False ceiling below 3m + reinforcement @ $150/fan
c) False ceiling below 3m with ready support provided @ $50/fan*
c) Concrete ceiling height between 3m to 3.4m @ $80/fan

Additional electrical works:
- Supply & lay new electrical point with switch via expose trunking @ $110/point 
- Conceal works for wiring from $80 & above per meter (subject to quote on site)

* We highly recommend reinforcement to be done by our installers to avoid improper or weak reinforcement works for the ceiling fan installation.  For pre-reinforced false ceiling not done by our installers, we will not be hold responsible for any damages or injuries as a result of improper reinforcement. This will include any sound or noise from the pre-reinforced false ceiling that may be produced and will not covered under the respective product's warranty.

We do not provide installation for ceiling height any higher than 3.4m height. For high ceiling above 3.4m install, we will provide quote from respective agent's quote.