SKU: Profile24.5x7x1000

Aluminium track profiles created clean, simple & classic look for your study table or cabinet lightings. LED Strips can be stick into the drain grove complete with clear or frosted diffuser covers which hides the light strip from naked eyes and hand contact. Especially good for strips that is installed in upside down position as the aluminium base can hold the 3M tapes more securely compared to direct sticking onto laminate/wood surfaces.

- Protects strip light from oil or water splashes & direct hand contact.
- Easy cleaning for under cabinet lightings with dry or slightly damp cloth.
- Creates more consistent light dispersion & reduces wavy cove light casting onto ceiling.

- Standard Length: 1metre or 2meter per piece* 
- Built-in Grove cutting: Depth 5mm x Width 18mm (Optional for carpentry)
- Caters up to 12mm LED strip width
- Comes with Frosted diffuser cover 
- White end caps (Optional)
- Base brackets (Optional)

* For custom length required, please purchase to the nearest meter to minimise track joints. Eg. If total length required is 1.5meters, please select 2meter length. Cutting of profile is available upon request but is advisable for installer to cut on site for more accuracy of measurement.