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Proudly founded in Singapore & launched in 2019, Efenz is Singapore's very first premium quality homegrown brand that specialises in providing a sleek and sophisticated ceiling fan design that best suits the climatic and functional needs of Singaporeans.

The collection comes in 5 different sizes to suit the needs of all homes - from the small corners of your rooms to the grand hall of your living spaces. All ceiling fans from the Kith collection comes in 5 contemporary and unique colours – white, black, natural pine, maple wood and limited-edition midnight titanium & Dutch Cocoa colours.

The Kith collection is a perfect blend; the best of both worlds - combining the best properties of both AC and DC fans. It is both powerful and reliable yet eco-friendly all at the same time. 

✅ ECM DC 155 Motors
✅ Ultra Slim Structure & Anti-Rust Design
✅ Dimmable SAMSUNG LED Lights(Optional)
✅ Multiple Function Remote Control
✅ 3Years On-site Warranty

EFENZ Thurman 343 (34")

from $508.00

EFENZ Isabel 403 (40")

from $528.00

EFENZ Troy 463 (46")

from $548.00

EFENZ Issac 523 (52")

from $568.00

EFENZ Tiffany 603 (60")

from $588.00