14 - Alaska DC Fans

Carefully constructed from high quality components and durable parts, Alaska fans are engineered with timeless designs, providing maximum comfort and cost efficiency for every household.

Shop with us for Alaska Ceiling fans which has a wide range of sizes & designs! available. 

1) PEARL II 46" / 56" (From $299)
2) FERN (Pearl II+Hugger) 46" / 56" (From $328)
3) OPAL 38" / 50" (From $299)
4) ASPEN (Opal+Hugger) 38" / 50" (From $328)
5) FANTASON 46" / 52" (From $239)
6) CRAFT 49" (From $469)
7) BAY 42" / 52" (From $499)

Manually Efficient
Utilising a brushless DC Motor, Alaska fans are more efficient than your average ceiling fan.

Natural Breeze
Equipped with natural wind modes, Alaska Fans provide outstanding ventilation needs for your home.

Timer Control
With preset timer settings, Alaska Fans 
enable you to cool your space according to your needs.

Multi LED Light
Equipped with energy efficient LED lighting, Alaska Fans 
illuminate your space while providing essential ventilation for your home.

Multi Speed Options
With multi speed capabilities, Alaska fans deliver more wind intensity options customised to your needs.


CRAFT 49" Black Dark Wood (Designer's Choice)

from $524.00 $599.00